Taranaki E-Learning

About us....
Taranaki E-Learning Trust was set up in August 2008 with five trustees: Karen Cave, Richard Oliver, David Birchler, Chester Borrows and Troy Egan. Elaine Gill consented to be our Patron. Troy has moved on and we gained 2 new trustees Linda Ogle and Mary Allenden. In 

February 2011 Adrian Sole joined the trust and took on the Treasurers role

The Taranaki E-Learning trust took over the Computers in Homes challenge from Eltham E-Learning, who managed the 2006-2008 Computers in Homes project with funding from DIA's Community Partnership Fund.

Computers In Homes is the brainchild of the 2020 Communications Trust, which aims to provide access to ICT and the Internet to all families in Aotearoa New Zealand - please visit the 2020 Website for further details.  Our trust deed is based on the 2020 Communications Trust deed so that we can be aligned with the other regional 2020 trusts that are being created throughout the country.

We have expanded our coverage and now the Taranaki E-Learning Trust has parts of King Country and National Park area to serve, as well as Taranaki.

The Trust is running Stepping Up classes. Stepping UP is an ICT training programme targetted at parents who have graduated from Computers in Homes and others in their communities, encouraging them to ‘step up’ to further learning opportunities and enhanced job opportunities.

If you wish to contact us you can email: admin@tel2020.org

You can view our blog at http://teltrust.blogspot.com/

and we also have a facebook page 



If you have a query and wish to contact us please email admin@tel2020.org